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From Clarkston all the way to Waterford, Michigan, drivers know that Detroit winters can be tough on even the most experienced driver. Between icy roads and harsh road chemicals, the rough conditions of the cold weather months might make you want to stay indoors all season long. But with the right winter driving tips, you can navigate with total confidence through anything. Let’s take a look at how to prepare your vehicle for the frigid forecasts:

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While you’re hitting the stores for a new set of gloves, why not consider a few cold weather accessories for your vehicle to make the winters a little more bearable? The right accessories can help you combat sleet and snow, and even improve your handling on the winter roads:

  • Before the worst of the winter sets in, think about flushing your fluids and replacing them with cold weather formulations. Motor oil can be replaced with a lower-viscosity version, and windshield fluid can be replaced with a freeze-proof formulation.
  • A pair of winter windshield wiper blades is more flexible and durable when dealing with icy precipitation. Upgrade your set for the winter, and you’ll be rewarded with greater visibility.
  • A great set of winter tires can make a huge difference in your car’s handling on slippery roads. Find out more about selecting winter tires for your vehicle.


In addition to cold weather upgrades, consider doing a few DIY tasks or scheduling your service to winterize your car for the season:


  • Top off your antifreeze before the subzero temperatures hit, but be sure not to mix colors!
  • Get your battery levels checked and look at the terminals for signs of corrosion.
  • Check your tire air pressure and tread depth periodically for safer travels.
  • Grease your locks and door hinges with a good automotive spray lubricant to avoid a frozen car on a cold morning.

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We hope that our winter driving safety tips will help you feel at ease on the road, but if you have any additional questions and concerns, feel free to contact us for more information. We’d be happy to answer any questions.

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