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You’ve found that perfect car, you’ve signed all the paperwork, and you’ve said good-bye to your trade-in. So, now what? After buying a car, many customers wonder what about the next steps. Between sorting out paperwork and securing the proper credentials, there are quite a few things to do before driving off into the sunset! Luckily, Bowman Chevy of Clarkston has created a guide full of car buying tips to help you through the process.


Car registration is the first task to tackle when buying a car. While it’s easy to register with the DMV, it’s important to gather all your paperwork ahead of time to avoid repeat visits. Here are four essential documents to grab:

  • Car title in either your name or the bank’s name
  • Proof of valid car insurance
  • Proof of safety inspection
  • Proof of emissions test

The dealership can provide temporary registration to give you some leeway after making your purchase, but it’s important to head to the DMV as soon as possible to get everything in order.


If you are a current car owner, then you’ll need to talk to your car insurance company to alert them of your new purchase. In fact, many drivers contact their insurance company before buying a car to update information and learn the new rates. If you can find your new car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) ahead of time, all the better! What about new drivers? It’s important to secure an insurer before you head to the dealership. Be sure to get a few different estimates, since rates can vary quite a bit from insurer to insurer.


Once the paperwork is done, we recommend heading to the service department for a quick inspection. If you have purchased a used vehicle, this is particularly important. A good inspection will alert you of any potential issues before they become major problems. And if the technicians find nothing wrong, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a clean bill of health!


Now that you know how to buy a car, it’s time to learn your options, and prevent car theft. Learn the basics of leasing with Bowman Chevy, serving Detroit and Waterford.

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