Hand Car Wash vs. Touchless Car Wash

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If your car’s exterior needs cleaning, you have two options: a hand car wash at home, or a touchless car wash at a Clarkston-area dealership. What’s the difference? While a hands-free car wash is a great option if you’re short on time, a hand wash car wash is better if you’d like a more thorough cleaning. In the guide below from Bowman Chevrolet, we’ll explore the pros and cons of each method.

Hand Car Wash: Pros and Cons

If it’s been a while since your last car wash, stuck-on dirt and debris could make it difficult for touchless car wash machines to properly clean your car’s exterior paint. You’ll be able to get your car cleaner and access hard-to-reach places like the wheel wells. A few more advantages of a hand wash car wash include:

Advantages of a Hand Car Wash

  • Thorough Results – Touchless car wash service is convenient if you don’t have time for a hand car wash, but a DIY cleaning will be much more thorough.
  • Affordable – Performing a hand car wash at home will definitely save you money if you have the supplies on hand. Still, many supplies (like microfiber towels and sponges) are inexpensive and easy to find at Waterford-area hardware stores.

Disadvantages of a Hand Car Wash

  • Upfront Cost – While household supplies are fine for most cleaning tasks, you may need specialized cleaning products so as not to damage your vehicle’s exterior paint.
  • Potential Damage – If you haven’t thoroughly rinsed the vehicle before a hand car wash, debris on the paint surface could cause scratches when you start scrubbing.

Touchless Car Wash: Pros and Cons

Need a quick clean-up while driving in Grand Blanc? If you can’t get home for a hand car wash, a hands-free car wash is the perfect solution:

Advantages of a Touchless Car Wash

  • Save Time – A hands-free car wash requires very little time and effort on your part. All you need to do is drive to a service center like Bowman Chevrolet, and we’ll have your car clean in about ten minutes.
  • Lower Risk of Paint Damage A touchless car wash may not be able to remove stuck-on dirt, but it’s gentler on your car’s paint.
  • Typically Lower Cost – It’s possible that a touchless car wash could cost less if your car requires special cleaning products.

Disadvantages of a Touchless Car Wash

  • Less Thorough Results – A hands-free car wash won’t remove hard-to-reach or stubborn dirt and debris. 
  • Potential for Water Spots – Only hand-drying your vehicle can completely prevent water spots.

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