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How Much is a Transmission?

Transmission Cross Section Close-Up

If you’re having constant transmission issues, you might be asking, “How much is a transmission?”. Well, transmission cost can vary depending on your vehicle. Typically, a brand-new transmission cost ranges from $1,800 to $3,400. But, how much is a transmission after service is complete? Once you add in labor costs, taxes, and associated fees, it adds another $500 to $1,200 just for labor. At %%di_ name%% in Clarkston, our service department is ready to help you find the transmission you need. Learn more about transmission costs and details below.

The Purpose of a Transmission

Now that you’re wondering, “How much is a transmission?” and viewing the transmission cost, you might be curious about what a transmission actually does. Simply, you need an operational transmission to drive your new or pre-owned %%di_make%%. Grand Blanc drivers can now understand why transmission costs are so high due to the part being a necessity. Your transmission generates power to each of the tires as you cruise through the Waterford area. Depending on your drivetrain, automatic transmissions automatically adjust your torque distribution to create smoother acceleration.

How to Extend Your Transmission Life 

Now that we’ve answered, “How much is a transmission?” Let’s dive in to see how you can extend the life of your transmission and get the most out of it. Here are a few tips below: 

  • Check the Transmission Fluid: Check transmission fluid on a monthly basis, make sure the fluid is not low or dirty. Schedule a service appointment and we can check this for you! 
  • Schedule Routine Service: Check your transmission every 30,000 miles. Maintaining a routine service schedule is the easiest way to ensure your vehicle is operating at its best. This can prevent any future transmission issues or future replacements. 
  • Add Another Filter to the Cooler Line: Your vehicle already has a transmission filter to catch debris and dirt. We suggest adding an addtional cooler line filter to add longevity to the fluid and protect it. 

Explore Our Services at Bowman Chevrolet! 

If you’re still needing an approximate transmission cost for your specific vehicle or have transmission questions, contact us at John Bowman Chevrolet near Clarkston!

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