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How Long Does it Take to Charge a Chevy Bolt?

2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV
Electric Vehicles (EVs) make sense for every driver who wants to be environmentally conscious while driving around Clarkston. With an EV, your vehicle runs on electricity rather than on fuel. That reduces emissions to zero — and puts an end to big bills at the fuel pump!

The new Chevy Bolt is widely regarded as one of the top electric vehicles on the market today, making it a great choice for drivers looking to buy their first EV. Still, many first-time EV buyers are apprehensive about electric range and charge times.

So, how long does it take to charge an electric car? There are three ways to charge an EV, and charging times depend on the method you use. Keep reading this guide from the service experts at Bowman Chevrolet to learn more about Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Chevy car chargers.


Charging Your Chevy Bolt: Three Electric Car Charger Options

On a single full charge, the Chevy Bolt gets an EPA-estimated 259 miles of range. The time it takes to fully charge your EV depends on the charging method. Here are the three Chevy car charger options for charging your Bolt:

Chevy Bolt Level 1 Charge Time: 4 Miles / Hour

The Chevy Bolt 120-Volt portable charger cord is typically used as a backup option and will deliver a slow charging time compared to Level 2 and 3 Chevy car chargers.

If you don’t usually drive more than 48 miles in a day, this option will work for you. A Level 1 Chevy car charger is easy to stow in the glove box and allows you to charge anywhere that has a 120-volt, three-prong outlet. A 12-hour charge gives you about 48 miles of range, which is plenty if you only use your car for short errands. It’s recommended that you charge your vehicle every day, so the battery never runs out as you drive around Waterford.

Chevy Bolt Level 2 Charge Time: 25 Miles / Hour

Many drivers install Level 2 240-volt charging units at home for charging their vehicle overnight. You’ll also find this type of charger at public charging stations, such as those at grocery stores and gas stations. If you choose to install a Level 2 Chevy car charger at home, you’ll need to have the plug professionally installed by an electrician.

If you drive approximately 40-50 miles per day, you could fully recharge the battery in about 2 hours. If you drive about 100 miles round trip on your commute, or you regularly go on trips out of the Grand Blanc area, you could recharge the battery in approximately 4.5 hours. If the battery is empty, this EV charges fully again in 9.5 hours.

Chevy Bolt Level 3 Charge Time: 200 Miles / Hour

How long does it take to charge a Chevy Bolt with DC fast charging? Level 3 stations provide up to 100 miles of range in only 30 minutes and are typically located at public stations along highway routes.

You’ll need to pay to use one, but DC fast chargers are useful if you’re out on the road and need to fully charge your battery. If you’re road-tripping and stopping at Level 3 Chevy car chargers along the way, you’ll still pay less to power up than to fill up with gas.

Find a Public Chevy Car Charger Near You!

When you’re driving on unfamiliar roads in Grand Blanc, finding a nearby Chevy car charger along your route is extremely simple! Download the myChevrolet mobile app, and navigate to the Energy Assist feature. The app will then select charging stations for you while taking into account the most efficient route and the shortest wait times.

Get Your New EV at Bowman Chevrolet in Clarkston!

Now that you know how long it takes to charge an electric car with all three Chevy car charger options, do you feel ready to help the planet and go electric? Try out a Chevy Bolt for yourself by contacting us at Bowman Chevrolet. We’re happy to answer any questions you may still have about Chevy Bolt Level 1 charge times, and help you schedule a test drive! Be sure to check out our extensive overview of the benefits of electric vehicles and ask us about the 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV interior while you’re here.

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