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The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

2021 Chevy Bolt EV with car owners
We all know that electric vehicles are better for the environment and will save you at the pumps in Clarkston, but if you’re considering an electric vehicle, you may be looking for more specific information. That’s why Bowman Chevrolet has put together this guide. In greater detail, we’ll go over the benefits of electric cars for everyday drivers like yourself, as well as the environmental benefits of electric cars. Once, you’re done reading, be sure to educate yourself about Chevrolet’s signature EV, the Chevy Bolt. You can also explore our site for helpful reads about how long it takes to charge a Chevy Bolt

Hybrid vs. Electric Vehicles

If you’re not 100% on the differences between Hybrid and electric vehicles, you’re not alone! Many drivers struggle to distinguish between the two, and it only gets more complicated when you consider Hybrid plug-ins. The main differences between a traditional hybrid vehicle and electric vehicles are:

  • Charging: Hybrid batteries recharge themselves while driving, whereas electric vehicles need to catch a charge from a home port or a charging station.
  • Fuel: Hybrids still have combustible engines that use gas, but they offset some of that gas use by relying on a part-time electric motor—thus the name, “hybrid.” You’ll still need to refuel at the pump, but you’ll get unusually high mpg thanks to their electric motors. Electric vehicles rely on electricity alone, and you’ll never have to buy fuel.

What about plug-in hybrids? These vehicles are hybrid vehicles, but they require some charging. That’s because you can switch your hybrid into a purely electric vehicle and drive without gas. However, the electric range on Hybrid plug-in is shorter—usually only good for getting you around Waterford.

Environmental Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles don’t use combustion engines. This means that they don’t use gas, which means that they don’t create emissions which harm the o-zone layer. Over the next several decades, you’ll see most major manufacturers shift entirely to electric model lineups. By buying an electric vehicle, you’re financially incentivizing the market to speed up this necessary shift. Putting your dollar behind green energy is one of the most effective ways to do your part for the environment.

Driver Benefits of Electric Cars

As for the personal benefits of electric vehicles, there are many. Take a look at the major advantages you’ll enjoy:

  • Affordability: Say goodbye to your gas budget. You’ll be charging your car just like you charge your phone. You can also expect your vehicle to be less expensive to maintain. While battery replacement is expensive, it’s rare. On average, you’ll be paying for far fewer maintenance appointments for an electric vehicle.
  • Diverse Variety: Just a few years ago, driving an electric vehicle meant sacrificing performance. That simply isn’t the case anymore. Electric vehicles can achieve the full range of power and acceleration that combustion engine vehicles can.
  • Incentives: Most utility companies, insurers, cities, states, and the federal government, give you credits and rebates for driving electric.

Incentives to Buy Electric EVs in Michigan

Incentives from Utility Companies: All of these incentives are rebates for installing a Level 2 EVSE personal charging port in your garage. Some of these companies offer additional perks as well. Here’s a quick look at the size of each rebate per company:

  • DTE Incentives: $500
  • Consumers Energy PowerMIDrive Program Incentives: $500 with special “time-of-use” electricity rates
  • HBPW Incentives: $300
  • Indiana Michigan Power: Special “time-of-use” electricity rate

State Incentives: 

Federal Incentives 

  • Credit: The government may provide you with up to a $7,500 tax credit for purchasing an electric vehicle.

Also note that many insurers provide electric car drivers with discounts, and many states give electric drivers priority in the HOV lane!Test Drive Our Electric Vehicles in ClarkstonNow that Grand Blanc drivers know more about the environmental benefits of electric cars, as well as the personal benefits of electric cars, we encourage you to test drive the Chevy Bolt EV at Bowman Chevrolet. If you have further questions about the benefits of electric vehicles, or you’re ready to book a test drive at Clarkston, just call 248-795-1841. You can also apply for financing to streamline the process, if your hearts already set on the Bolt!


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