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Practically no matter where you travel on the globe, local drivers can instantly recognize the iconic Chevy bowtie emblem. With its clean lines and striking simplicity, this symbol has become synonymous with the Chevrolet brand. However, few know about the mysterious Chevy logo history. In fact, auto historians debate between the validity of several stories. What is the true story of the Chevy bowtie logo?

Take 1: William C. Durant

Company co-founder William C. Durant provided one explanation, which remains one of the most popular to this day. While traveling in 1908, he visited a stylish hotel in Paris. He noticed the striking wallpaper, which showcased a repeating geometric pattern. Durant was so impressed that he ripped a small piece of the paper and took it back home to the United States. He used this pattern as a template for what would become the classic Chevy bowtie logo.

Take 2: Margery Durant

William C. Durant’s story was so popular that it was even included in The Chevrolet Story, an official publication that celebrated the brand’s anniversary. However, not everyone is fully convinced that this piece of Americana came from overseas. Durant’s daughter, Margery, published her own version of the story in her book, My Father and I. She said the Chevy bowtie logo was not born from a Parisian hotel, but a family dinner. Over a fried chicken dinner, Margery reported that her father sketched a mock-up emblem at the dinner table. The rest is history!

Take 3: Catherine Durant

Yet another take on Chevy logo history was reported by Catherine Durant, the widow of William C. Durant. In an issue of Chevrolet Pro Management Magazine, she claimed that the Chevy bowtie logo was actually inspired by an ad in the paper. Ken Kaufmann, a historian and editor of The Chevrolet Review, investigated and found that the Southern Compressed Coal Company had a slanted bowtie logo during the same time frame. Could this be the true origins of Chevy logo history?

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