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Road trips are no fun when everyone is bored and cranky! Try these car games for kids on your next long road trip, and you’ll be there before you know it.

Traveling with Kids

  • License Plate Game – This oldie but goodie will occupy you for hours. Everyone watches for license tags from different states. Extra points for Canada and Mexico tags!
  • Alphabet Game – Watch for words on billboards and cars that start with all the letters of the alphabet, in order. It’ll take a while to get all the way through Z.
  • What if? – Take turns asking questions like, “What if you could have a superpower?” or “What if you could have dinner with someone famous?” and get ready for some creative answers from your crew.

Road Trip Tips

If you’re hitting the road from Detroit or Waterford, plan where you want to stop for gas and meals ahead of time so you don’t find yourself scrambling. And if you’re looking for somewhere new to see this fall, try these autumn road trips. Wherever you go, Bowman Chevy in Clarkston can help make sure your car is serviced and ready for action. Make your service appointment today.

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