What To Do After a Car Accident

Two Vehicle Accident


If you’ve been in a car accident in Clarkston, there are some steps you should follow to abide by the law and assure that all involved are properly compensated. John Bowman Chevrolet, Inc. has several steps you can follow that explain what to do after a car accident, how to file a car insurance claim, the ins and outs of a car accident insurance claim, and more. And if it’s time to get service after an accident, let the professionals at John Bowman Chevrolet, Inc. take care of you.



What to Do After a Car Accident Checklist

Minor Accidents

A minor accident might be a fender bender at an intersection, or backing your car into someone else in the parking lot. Here’s what you should do after a minor car accident:

  1. See if you or the other passengers need medical attention. If they do, call 911 right away.
  2. If you’re fine, pull over to a safe spot. Don’t stray too far from the scene of an accident, but don’t block traffic either.
  3. Call the police. Even if the other driver says you don’t need to call the police, you will still want to have an official police report as a matter of public record.
  4. Exchange contact information. Get phone numbers, email addresses, and insurance policy numbers.
  5. Document your vehicle’s damage with detailed photos as well as the accident scene.
  6. Call your insurance provider and get them the details as soon as possible to keep the claims process prompt. This will start the car accident insurance claim process.

Major Accidents

If the accident has resulted in a serious injury or a fatality, there are a few steps you should take right away:

  1. Call 911 immediately! Serious injuries require emergency services. The police will come along with the ambulance to assess the scene and get a police report. If you need medical attention and can’t attend to the scene, the police will do that for you.
  2. Contact your insurance provider and file a car accident insurance claim. Even if someone filed the claim for you, you should follow up with your insurance provider.
  3. Follow up with your physician. If you have pain after the accident and have been treated by emergency personnel, your physician can help take care of you.

An important part of how to file a car insurance claim is having the right information. You’ll need this information handy when talking to your insurance company in Waterford:

  • Your insurance policy number
  • Detailed description of how the accident occurred
  • Date, time, and location of the accident
  • All the collected contact and insurance information from other involved parties
  • Name of the police department involved, as well as the police report number (if applicable)

Let John Bowman Chevrolet, Inc. Get You Back on the Road in Clarkston 

Don’t worry if you’ve gotten into an accident in Grand Blanc. You can come to the pros at John Bowman Chevrolet, Inc. and we’ll make sure that your car gets fixed up right. Trust in us to always use genuine OEM parts as well. Contact us today to learn more!

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